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Mytechadvisor is one of the leading websites in India to look for in-depth and reviews and buyer’s guides of the best home and kitchen appliances.

There are numerous products from different brands in the Indian market with various features and prices. We know it’s challenging to decide which product is ideal for you according to your budget.

Buying one wrong product means wasting your time, money, and disrupting your mental peace. To select the correct product, you need the technical knowledge and the right idea about the market.

My Tech Advisor is a Platform here we try to help you choose the right product according to your budget and needs. Here you will find in-depth reviews and proper buyer’s guides, which will help you choose the right product for you.

This platform is purely created to help people who are struggling to find the best appliances for their home and kitchen needs.

About Authors and Founders

About Mihir Koyande:

Hi, I’m Mihir Koyande. Co-founder of mytechadvisor. I’m a social media marketer, content writer, blogger, and tech enthusiast. I’ve done my bachelorette in Information & Technology. I love to learn about every new tech that comes into the market and learn about it.

My technology research started when my father decided to buy me my first phone ten years ago. From there my journey started and I helped my family, relatives, and my neighbors.

Indian Market is filled with lots of gadgets competing at the same price point from different brands for people with different needs. To find a perfect gadget for your needs requires a lot of time, research and effort.

So I decided to help people like me and non-tech enthusiasts to find a perfect product for their perfect needs and requirements.
This platform is intended to help people who are struggling to find the best appliances for their home and kitchen needs.

About Riya Dwivedi:

Hi, I’m Riya Dwivedi, Co-founder of mytechadvisor . I’m a UI Developer by profession and a blogger by passion. My journey with Tech started in Junior College when Tech saved me from Physics & Chem.

I chose UI development as a career and was looking for something more, right then I found Blogging. My early days with blogging were a steep learning curve and taught me a lot. As a result, I started doing Pinterest Marketing to promote my posts.

 So, to sum it up, with MyTechAdvisor I intend to help you find the perfect product for your home sweet home. 

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