Ultimate washing machine buying guide

Ultimate washing machine buying guide.

Finding an exact washing machine for your needs is difficult and we understand that. There are different washing machines with different features and different types. So, we’ve created an ultimate washing machine buying guide to help you find the best washing machine for your needs.

This washing machine guide will help you find the best washing machine type and help you find the ideal capacity size and machine type. You don’t have to be a tech nerd or washing machine nerd to understand this guide, but you will understand the basics to look out for before buying a washing machine, you can also easily help your family and friends to make a wise decision while buying a washing machine.

Types of washing machines?

Types of washing machines

There are two types of washing machines.

  1. Semi-automatic washing machine.
  2. Automatic washing machine.

Automatic washing machines are subdivided into two parts.

  1. Top-load automatic washing machine.
  2. Front-load automatic washing machine.

Washing machines type explained.

1. Semi-Automatic washing machine.

Semi-automatic washing machines are usually budget-friendly entry-level washing machines. The reason for this is, you need to put some effort into filling the tub and switching clothes from washer to dryer. Semi-automatic washing machines come with 2 tubs. One tub is for the washer and the other one is for the dryer.

You’ve to keep an eye on the washer timer. After that, you’ve to move it to the dryer tub. A semi-automatic washing machine requires the most amount of manual work. This type of washing machine also consumes a lot of space in the house as they have 2 separate tubs but are lightweight, so you can easily move them around the house depending on your needs.

Some semi-automatic washing machine tubs are made of plastic and some are made of stainless steel. This mostly depends on the price of the machine. The washing capacity can vary from 6kg up to 10.5kg.

If you’ve no issue with the manual work and the amount of space it takes inside the house and is on budget constrain we recommend you check out semi-automatic washing machines.

If you’re looking for a whirlpool semi-automatic washing machine, then check out: 5 Best Semi-automatic Whirlpool washing machines review in India.

2. Automatic washing machine

Unlike semi-automatic washing machines, automatic washing machines come with only one drum. This drum does bot job of washer and dryer. Automatic washing machines are usually on the expensive side than their semi-automatic counterpart.

In an automatic washing machine, you don’t have to do the manual work of switching clothes. As this washing machine type only comes with one drum, it consumes less space in the house. Automatic washing machines can clean better than semi-automatic washing machines but are on the heavier side and requires a stable platform to work. This makes them hard to move around the house.

As automatic washing machines clean better than semi-automatic washing machines, they consume more power and water than semi-automatic machines.

There are two types of automatic washing machines. One has a drum placed horizontally and one has a drum placed vertically

  • Vertically placed drum washing macine is known as top load automatic washing machine.
  • Horizontally placed drum washing macine is known as front load automatic washing machine.
i) Top-load automatic washing machine.

As you can guess from the name, you load clothes in this type of washing machine from the top. This type of washing machine is best for senior citizens or people with back problems or joint problems or looking for an automatic washing machine on a budget. You don’t have to bend to put clothes in this type of washing machine.

Top-load washing machines require a constant flow of water. The main advantage of this washing machine is you don’t have to keep an eye on clothes or do the manual work. The washing machine does the most work for you.

In top-load washing machines, you can add clothes mid-cycle or after cycle.

ii) Front-load automatic washing machine.

As you can guess from the name, in this type of washing machine you load clothes from the front side. This type of washing machine provides the best kind of washing experience and easy on clothes and consumes less water and electricity than most top-load automatic washing machines.

A front-load washing machine also requires a constant flow of water. The main advantage of this type is this is the most gentle on clothes and also comes with multiple modes to choose from. Front-load washing machines also make less noise than top load washing machines.

Front-load washing machines can also dry clothes more efficiently and in front-load washing machines, you cannot add clothes mid-cycle.

Which washing machine is right for you?

If you’re on a tight budget or want to move your washing machine continuously, a semi-automatic washing machine is the best option for you.

If you want the best washing experience and don’t want the hassle of manual work, you’d opt for an automatic washing machine.

You can choose one of the top-load automatic or front-load automatic washing machines depending on your requirements and needs. My Tech Advisor will help you make the right decision for you.

Things to know before selecting a washing machine type.

There are some important points you should know before choosing a washing machine type. They are as follows.

  1. Ideal water pressure for washing macines.
  2. Tips before for selecting a machine.
  3. Washing machine Capacity.

1. Do you have an ideal water pressure to run washing machine?

Before checking on washing machine types we need to understand different washing machine types require different water pressure to work properly. Some washing machines will not work if the water pressure requirements are not met for it’s working.

How to find water pressure?

To check water pressure keep a bucket with water litre marking inside it below the tap you’re planning to keep the washing machine.

  1. Open stopwatch on your mobile.
  2. Start the tap on full pressure
  3. Start the stop watch at same time.
  4. Let the bucket fil for 1 minute.
  5. Stop the water and timer after 1 minute mark.

The amount of water filled in the bucket in 1 minute is the water pressure of your house tap.

Water pressure for semi-automatic washing machine.

The semi-automatic washing machine doesn’t require water pressure as you can fill it with a bucket or fill it with a tap before starting the washing.

Water pressure for automatic washing machine.

Top-load automatic washing machine.

The ideal water pressure for a top-load automatic washing machine is the pressure of 6 to 8 litres of water per minute.

Front-load automatic wasing machine.

The ideal water pressure for a front-load automatic washing machine is the pressure of 10-12 litres of water per minute.

2. Tips before selecing wasing machine.

Washing machine typeBuy this if you…
1. Semi-automatic washing machine1. Have bad water pressure.
2. Want to move washing machine around house.
3. Are on a tight budget.
4. Don’t mind how much space it takes.
5. Don’t mind the manual work.
2. Top-load washing machine1. Have water pressure of at least 7-9 litres per minute.
2. Are not planning to move this machine around the house.
3. Have a dedicated stable place for the washing machine.
4. Have elderly people at home who will also use the washing machine.
5. Looking for the most value for money washing machine.
3. Front-load washing machine1. Have a water pressure of at least 10-12 litres per minute.
2. Want the best wash quality.
3. Want the most features and industry-leading machine.
4. Want a washing machine which makes the least noise.
5. Have a dedicated place for the washing machine.
6. Want to put the least effort into washing clothes.

3. Washing machine capacity buying guide

washing machine capacity explained

Before considering the washing machine capacity size, you have to consider how many family members are there in your family and how frequently you’re going to wash your clothes. Choosing the wrong capacity size will lead to either less wash capacity or a washing machine running half of the time in less capacity.

If you’re a person living alone or are a bachelor or are a family of just 2 people we recommend you a 6kg washing machine or if you’re a family of 2 to 3 people then we recommend you a 7kg washing machine if you’re a family of 3 to 5 people we recommend you an 8kg washing machine and if you’re a family of more than 5 people we recommend you a 10kg washing machine.

Features to look out for in a washing machine.

Many washing machines offer some additional washing features which can improve your ownership experience. You’d lookout for those.

Drum build quality.

Washing machine drums are mostly made of either plastic or porcelain-enamel or stainless steel. Drums made of plastic lasts longer than enamel which cracks or chips easily. There is no problem with going with any drum quality but drums made of stainless steel can withstand a high spin cycle and have a longer life cycle and usually lasts long.

Wash features

Different brands label different features differently but try to find the most features you need in a washing machine in your budget. The most common features we recommend you look out for are:

i) Pre-soak timer

Pre-soak timer helps heavy clothes of clothes with stains wash easily. This program lets you soak clothes before starting washing the clothes. The machine automatically starts washing after the soak timer is over.

ii) Wash programs

Wash programs like delicate, normal and heavy are most common which comes with every washing machine but some washing machines also comes with different modes for different fabric types to provide the best cleaning experience.

Temprature control

Some washing machines can also allow you to set the water temperature to clean clothes. Hot water usually cleans better than cold or room temperature water. Hot water also helps detergent to work properly and further help clean clothes.

Fuzzy Logic

The fuzzy logic automatically looks for grease and dirt on clothes and check the weight of clothes and decides the best washing program. The machine automatically decides how much water and detergent is required for the cleaning and also decides the best spin cycle for clothes. This mode makes the cleaning job easy as most of the work is automatically done by the washing machine.

Pros and Cons of all washing machines.

Pros and cons of semi-automatic wasing machine.

1. Budget-friendly1. Takes a lot of space
2. Easy to learn.2. Mediocre cleaning.
3. Lightweight and easy to move.3. Can’t remove tough stains
4. No water pressure is needed.4. Manually move clothes from washer to dryer tub.

Pros and cons of top-load automatic wasing machine.

1. Value for money automatic washing machine.1. Bit of learning is required.
2. No need to bend to add clothes.2. Needs a dedicated space.
3. Takes less space.3. Can’t move around the house.
4. Better cleaning than the semi-automatic washing machine.4. Need water pressure to work.
5. No manual work is required.

Pros and cons of front-load automatic wasing machine.

1. Provides best wash quality.1. A little costly.
2. Takes less space.2. Heavy and can’t be moved around.
3. Consumes fewer waters.3. Need to bend to add clothes.
4. Provides a lot of features.4. Good water pressure required.
5. Does most of the cleaning work automatically for you.5. Needs a dedicated space.

What kind of experience you’ll get with the washing machine.

Washing experience with washing machines

Different washing machines will offer a different experience for different people. A family of 4 with toddlers has different expectations from a family than a family of 4 with elderly people. There is a washing machine for everyone in the market for everyone’s special needs.

Semi-automatic washing machine experience.

A semi-automatic washing machine is suitable for every family type even if you’re on a budget or not. No matter if you’re a bachelor living alone or are a family of 8 people. This washing machine type is also easy to use and the wash section is on top so toddlers can’t reach the washer section. It is also good for elderly people as features are easy to learn and they don’t have to bend to add or remove clothes but some manual work is still involved so this isn’t the best option. As the drum is placed vertically, even toddlers can’t reach the top side. Top load is one of the safest options if you have toddlers or kids at home.

The washing quality is mediocre compared to the other 2 types and also only can dry clothes up to 60-70% in the dryer so you’ll still need to sun dry the clothes. If you live in a cold and humid place, then this isn’t the best option for you.

Top-load automatic washing machine experience.

A top-load washing machine is suitable for all family types with all the pros of semi-automatic machines but with little to fewer cons of semi-automatic counterparts. If you’ve elderly people at home you’ll need to teach them to use this machine but after learning this is the best option for them as no manual work is involved for cleaning.

The washing quality is really good and offers the most value for your bucks. Top load automatic washing machines can be 70-80% so you don’t need to sun dry them but you’ll still need to dry them in the air.

Front-load automatic washing machine experience.

A front-load washing machine offers the best in class cleaning with so many features that ensure your clothes stay in good condition even after multiple washes. While offers the best wash quality it also consumes less water. So if you stay at a place where you’ve to pay water tax depending on how much water you use, this is the best option for you. This washing machine requires water pressure to run or it will just stop working. This washing machine is not suitable for elderly people as they’ll have to bend or remove clothes. If you have a toddler at home then you should look for a front-load automatic washing machine with a child safety lock for extra protection.

As the drum sits horizontally, you’ll need to clean the drum from time to time to keep it clean.

This washing machine type does not offer the most value for money but offers the best washing quality. Front-load automatic washing machines can be 80-85% so you don’t need to sun dry them but you’ll still need to dry them in the air.

If you want a dryer that can dry clothes 100% then you’d look for a different washer and dryer but that combo can get expensive.

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